10 Best DIY Wine Racks Ideas

10 best diy wine racks ideas

Top 10 Best DIY Wine Racks Ideas

These are the top 10 best DIY wine racks ideas that we simply can’t get enough of. Wine racks can come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to suit the ins and outs of your property. The most common wine rack is the classic 6-12 bottle holder. Boring! Sorry but if you’re a wine lover then surely you’d want a nice home for your wine to live in? Check out these 10 best DIY wine racks ideas to give you a bit of inspiration.

10. Unique Rogue Holder

10 best diy wine racks ideas

This unusual looking holder stores your bottles of wine in a unique and stylish way. Depending on your budget and space, you can get rogue holders that hold at least 12 bottles of wine. You can place it on any wall in your property and the best thing is. You can do it yourself for free! Such a perfect gift for your wine loving friends.

9. Traditional countertop wine rack

10 best wine racks ideas. traditional wine rack

A traditional classic wine rack never goes out of style. This DIY wine rack is sure to be around for a long time to come. The symmetry and patterns you can create for the wine rack are amazing. You can really show off your vino collection in style. 

8. Single bottle holder

Sometimes a single bottle of wine is the only thing you need to make a statement. This simple yet stylish diy wine rack offers simplicity and a genius idea. Coming equipped with the glass holders, so you can always be sure to have a full glass of wine. 

7. Wine Shelf
10 best diy wine racks ideas. wooden racking

This is a very unique looking wine rack. Although it looks complicating, they’re very easy to make yourself. It’s a great way to show off some of your finest wines. That’s not the only benefit. You can also show off your best stemware.

6. Stuck in the wood

This is a very perculiar looking DIY wine rack. Which is why it’s made it on our list of top 10 best DIY wine racks ideas for wine lovers. Not only is it keeping your wine stored but it is also great decor for the corner of a room. Providing you don’t have any children running about!

5. Cross Box
10 Best DIY wine racks ideas

Cross boxes are one of the more common DIY wine storage solutions. Depending on the budget, cross boxes can be made for up to 24 bottles of wine to be stored at one time. If put together right, these can look so stylish in a dining room. The symmetry with the bottles tops it off.

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4.Mega wine box
wine cube box storage

This is like a cross box, but for a LOT of wine. These generally fit from 100-150 bottles of wine at one time. These are truly for those wine connoisseurs who know nothing but wine. They can be made into bespoke storage boxes but can also be very easily built by yourself.

3. 1 Bottle 3 Glasses

At number three we have this funky looking wine rack idea. Holding only one bottle of wine and three glasses. This can be easily built by yourself and will take less than a days work. With stylish slots to place glasses into, this is truly a remarkable rack. 

2. Vinyl Holder

If you love vinyls and you love wine…your in heaven! This is one of the most creative and best DIY wine racks i’ve seen to this day. This style of wine racking gives your property a vintage feel. Don’t be fooled by the look of this holder. Althoug it may look like your bottle wants to slide out. Just know its very safe and secure.

1. Steel Wavy Wine Holder
top 10 best diy wine racks ideas steel holder

At number one we have this slick, elegant looking steel wine holder. With its wavy look and style. You can guarantee a very modern feel to your property after building yourself one of these. They are not hard at all to create. Just get a piece of stainless steel. Mark how many bottles you want to be able to fit. Then make holes where you marked it. Easy as that! 

How to build a wine rack
No matter which specific project you pick for building a DIY wine rack, there are some general steps to follow.
  1. Pick place and function: Are you getting a wine rack to be displayed in the kitchen? Will it be showing the front or back? Answering these questions will help you a lot in deciding what style your rack will be and where it will be going.
  2. The number of bottles: Next consider how many bottles you may need to store. Will it fit 12 bottles? Will it be able to fit big champagne bottles in? There’s no point building a wine rack if you don’t know what or how many bottles of wine your going to be storing.
  3. Pick your desired plans: The best DIY racks will satisfy both your styles and your storage desires.
  4. Pick the wood: Picking the right wood for your DIY rack is crucial. Some woods are better for the long term use, whereas others are appealing to look at.
  5. Now build your rack: Now is the time to put all of this information together and build one yourself. With everything we’ve given you. We’re sure you’ll find something specific to build for your wine holding needs.

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