Wine cellars and wine rooms

bespoke wine cellar, black oak

Wine Cellars and Wine Rooms

We’re a local company based in the heart of Yorkshire, who are professionals in handmade bespoke wine cellars and wine rooms. Tailor-made to suit your property. And also offering climate control solutions. So your wine doesn’t just look good stocked up, but also keeps the delicious flavour. 

We’ve worked with wood for over 13 years. We started off as Watkinson Joinery LTD, specialist cabinet makers. Creating kitchens, bedrooms, stairs and even custom furniture. But have since then also started trading as ‘Wine Cellars of Yorkshire’ primarily focusing on being the biggest wine cellar company in the U.K and even venturing out overseas in the future.

wine room with door closed, contact us
Bespoke solid oak wine room made in York, North Yorkshire.

Create the perfect wine cellar

Within your bespoke wine cellar you have got the option of choosing what style racking your prefer. What material of wood you require and the size of measurements for the storage compartments you’re after. If you prefer spending as little time as you can seeking out your next bottle. You may want to consider racking and shelving specifically designed to show the front label. So finding it won’t ever be a hassle again! 

  • We can design, manufacture and install your new wine cellar
  • Available for private homes and commecial use, i.e. restaurants and bars
  • We can create your wine room or wine cellar with a range of different racking styles
choosing the right wine racking

Bespoke cross-boxes

Or if you want more of a stylish approach, our cross-box storage units have never failed to disappoint. Being able to fit at least 60 wine bottles in our cross boxes, you’ll never run out of space again. With the help from our design team. Your needs and requirements can be fulfilled and executed in a quick yet efficient professional manner. 

wine cellars cross boxes
Small wine cellar cross box, full with wine

Meet the boss

Ian Watkinson is the Director of the company and aspires for it to grow and continue to be highly successful. The main aspirations for Ian are to produce a high standard of craftsmanship into the future. And employ local skilled craftsmen and particularly to train apprentices; so there are people to continue the skills long into the future.

We also do work experience with the local school in Thirsk. This is an amazing opportunity for the younger generation to get involved with cabinetry and joinery at a young age. 

As of now, we have got one joiner apprentice and one digital marketing apprentice. After they have completed their apprenticeships, they will carry on working for Ian, taking care of the business and making it grow more and more in the years to come.

Ian Watkinson About us, boss
Ian Watkinson , Director of Watkinson Joinery LTD and Wine Cellars of Yorkshire

How to get my own wine cellar?

If your interested in getting your own wine cellar or wine room designed and installed, please get in contact with Wine Cellars of Yorkshire today.
Wine cellars and wine rooms are an excellent way to store wine in a neat and appropriate way.

We’ll be happy to help. Email us at admin@winecellarsofyorkshire.co.uk or feel free to talk to our team over the phone on 01845 577991.

wine cellars vs wine rooms

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