Wine Cellars

We have been designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke wine cellars for over 13 years. We tailor the cellar to suit you and your property. Whether a boutique hotel or a private residential property. We can renovate basements and rooms, turning them into a deluxe cellar,  room or home bar.

We are a professional local company based in the heart of Yorkshire. We strive in producing the best handmade wine cellars.  Also offering climate control systems as part of the package to look after your wine. We can visualize your dream larder and adapt it to benefit you.

We have been established since 2006, as 
Watkinson Joinery ltd . But then re-branded as Watkinson Cabinet Makers & Wine Cellars of Yorkshire. Specialist cabinet makers, creating kitchens, bedrooms, stairs and even custom furniture. Primarily focusing on being the biggest wine cellar manufacturer company in the U.K. And even venturing out overseas in the future.

How To Get A Wine Cellar?

If you have a designated area in your property that you would like to be renovated and turned into a cellar. Please get in contact with us today to get a free consultation. We’re happy to be of service! 
Fill out an inquiry form at the bottom of the page. 

Wine Cellars Storage
Luxury Bespoke Wine Cellar In Harrogate, North Yorkshire

“We installed a wine cellar that was on the main floor level in the hallway, but we included display windows so it made it a real feature,” - Ian Watkinson (Director)

 We understand how wine should be stored. From the lighting to the humidity. Our designs are unique and practical to each customer. Not only do they look good. But they preserve your wine with an excellent standard and stop your wine from spoiling. The quality in our craftsmanship, is unbeatable by any other company in the U.K. 

“Ian can guarantee you a stunning and unique wine cellar”

bespoke wine cellars - racking, empty without wine.
Our Racking Can Fit At Least 231 Bottles
Wine cellars cross box
Cross Boxes Fit 20 Bottles

 Although wine cellars would originally be viewed as a luxury add-on for the rich. They’re increasingly becoming more popular for ordinary house owners. You don’t have to buy an old house with a cellar if you want a place to store your wine. If you have a designated area that you think would be suitable for storing your wine. Get in touch with us today and get a free consultation to start the high quality planning for your cellar.

Therefore there’s many benefits towards owning a wine cellar.
One of the main reasons people collect wine is to prevent spoiling it. Another great reason to invest in a wine stock is to gain more knowledge about wine and the industry. Also having a wine cellar adds value to your property.

 Bespoke Wine Cellar Features

All bespoke cellars provide vibration protection.
 Fit at least 1000 wine bottles.
Temperature Controlled.
L.E.D Lighting Installed.
Humidity Controlled.

For more information or questions on tailored wine cellars, contact us today: Click here

bespoke wine cellar, black oak
Bespoke Black Oak Wine Cellar

“Wine collectors are becoming increasingly inventive when it comes to creating space for their precious tipples” – The Yorkshire Post: read more


Wine Cellars
Wine Cellar Design, Manufacturing and Installation
Wine Cellar Design, Manufacturing and Installation
Wine cellars of Yorkshire
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Wine Cellar Installation
Our expert cabinet makers can plan, design, manufacture and install a fully functioning luxury bespoke wine cellar. Tailored to your specifications and also fitted with a climate control solution.