Wine Room

Another unique and beautiful way to compliment your wine is by getting a wine room installed. The great thing about them is the fact they can be tailor-made to suit your property. Such as the colour materials, the wood and even the glass.

For the ultimate walk-in experience, you can’t beat a personalised magnificent wine room. Designed, manufactured and installed by us. They’re fitted with temperature and humidity controlled solutions. To help age the wine and keep the everyday bottles ready to be drunk.

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"High Quality Craftsmanship in The Heart Of Yorkshire"

Dedicating an entire room of your home  is surely reserved for those wine connoisseurs. With this option, wine lovers might enjoy the opportunity to house tasting and entertainment space within the climatic-controlled walls.. So that the full experience with least risk of exposing valuable wines to the outside atmosphere.  The spatial luxuriousness they provide allows maximum levels of comfort to be built into the design.

"In love with my bespoke wine room"

Listed down below are some of the benefits they provide.
Stores Over 1000 Wine Bottles
Temperature Controlled
Humidity Controlled
LED Lighting
No Vibrations

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