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Wine Storage Solutions For 2020

Wine Storage Solutions For 2020

Storage solutions for wine is important if you want to keep your wines in pristine condition. For wine to not deteriorate it needs good lighting, heating and no movement. Keep on reading to find out what storage solutions you could use next time you find yourself with too many wine bottles

5. Wine Wall

Wine Walls are perfect along a wall or under a staircase if space is available. Your wine collection is unique to you, and so is your interior style. Wine walls are essentially a wall of wine bottles, displayed behind framed or frameless glass, that can be a stunning addition to any room. They can be climate controlled and utilize backlighting to add to the beauty of the wine display.

wine wall, in storage solutions

4. Wine Racks

Wine racks are a beautiful and effective way to store your wine. From small six bottle holders to a commercial size racking unit for a boutique hotel. Wine racks have increased in popularity among the wine consumers and, therefore wine racks manufacturers have come up with more daring and innovative designs, shapes and functionality of these furniture pieces. Wine racks are designed to facilitate proper orientation of wine bottles. Bottles should be laid at an angle to keep the cork in constant contact with the wine. This ensures that the cork will remain moist at all times and prevent it from drying out. Wine racks are made from various materials such as wood stone and metal.

Wine Racking
3. Wine Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases are stylish, practical and save a LOT of space. Imagine walking to your kitchen, looking down at the floor and opening a door to go down to your spiral staircase. Your wine filled around the side and you can take your next bottle of wine with ease.

Spiral staircase
2. Wine Room

Another beautiful way to compliment your wine is by getting a bespoke wine room installed. The great thing about them is the fact they can be tailor-made to suit your property. Such as the colour,  materials, wood and even the glass. 

Wine Room
1. Wine Cellar

 Although a bespoke wine cellar would originally be viewed as a luxury add-on for the rich. They’re increasingly becoming more popular for ordinary house owners. You don’t have to buy an old house with a cellar if you want a place to store your wine. Wine cellars can come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most chosen style cellar would be a bespoke handmade wooden wine cellar. Not only can you show off your awesome collection of wine but they can be installed with an air coolant system. Providing the correct temperature for storing your wine.

Wine Cellar Storage Solutions For 2020
Which wine storage solution will you choose?

Whatever wine storage solution you pick. Remember to take into consideration the three important factors that can affect the overall condition of your wines. The storage environment should have minimal light exposure and climate conditions should remain stable.

3 ways to store wine without a cork

3 Ways to Store Wine Without a Cork

Here are 3 ways to store wine without a cork!

Why do you need to use a cork? After you’ve opened your wine, it can improve the flavour over the next few hours as it mixes with oxygen in the air. However, if left unattended for a while it can result in oxygenation.

Turning the flavour of the wine dull and spoling it. It’s always recommended to put a cork back into the bottle after opening. If for some reason you don’t have a cork, here are 3 ways to store wine without a cork.

3 Ways To Store Wine Without a Cork

Method 1. Use a Wine Stopper

Wine stoppers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Allowing you to show off your collection with more of a personal touch. They’re a very effective way to store your bottles of wine if you don’t have the original cork. Just a quick tip – Look for stoppers that come with multiple flanges near the top. These flexible flanges keep the oxygen air-tight and compressed.

Method 2. Invest In a Vacuum Seal

If you want to store wine that has been left for ages, investing in a vacuum seal is vital! These inexpensive gadgets suck the air out of the bottle. Which in result creates a vacuum seal that keeps a special topper on tight. Removing as much air as possible cuts down on oxidation and helps wine last for many days — and perhaps even up to two weeks. These vacuum seals are a game changer for those wine lovers.

Method 3. Make Your Own Wine Stopper

If you’ve read both method one and method two and still can’t figure out how to store wine…try this!

Grab yourself a zip bag. Get yourself some elastic bands and wrap a couple bags around the entrance of the bottle. Once you’ve completed this step, take your elastic bands and tightly wrap them around the neck of the bottle. Assuring absolute air tight strength. You may think this is a joke, but don’t fault it until you’ve tried it. This method was given to us by women.com – Substitute for a wine cork.

How to Store an Open Bottle of Wine

  • Keep the bottle out of light
  • Store the bottle upright to minimize the surface area of wine exposed to oxygen.
  • Refrigerate after opening, no matter the colour of the wine. Chilling the wine slows the oxygen molecules.
  • If you have less than half of the bottle remaining, transfer the wine to a smaller bottle before refrigerating. With less room for oxygen in a bottle, the oxidation process can take much longer.
  • Avoid dramatic changes in temperature. If you are serving a red wine, set it out half an hour before serving so it can gradually increase in temperature.
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The importance of wood

The importance of wood & What is it?

The importance of wood is the fact it can last for hundreds and thousands of years. It’s also reliable and durable. 
I’ts a commonly known fact that wood comes from the trees. What may not be well known is the structure of the wood itself. And also all of the individual components that make up any given piece of timber. Wood is an organic material and has many distinct characteristics.

The importance of wood

Hardwoods & Softwoods

Wood is divided into two different groups. Hardwoods and softwoods. You may think it’s about how hard or soft the wood is. But it doesnt always refer to that:

  • Hardwoods are typically from dicot trees. Those that drop their leaves each fall. Examples of these are oak, mahogony, maple, wulnut and ash.
  • Softwoods come from evergreen trees. They have needles and cones and keep them all year round. Examples of these include redwood, spruce, cedar and cypress. 

Environmentally friendly

Wood was one of the first natural materials people learned to use, and it’s never lost its popularity. These days, it’s particularly prized for being a natural and environmentally friendly product. Logging can be hugely environmentally damaging, whether it involves clearcutting a tropical rainforest or selectively felling mature trees in old-growth temperate woodland.

 Many of the chemicals and proccesses involved in forestry and woodwork can be environmentally damaging. chlorine, used to bleach wood fibers to make paper, can cause water pollution in rivers, for example. But on the happy side, growing trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. And planting more of them is one way to reduce the effects of climate change.

wood is environmentally friendly
Wooden furniture and products

For years and years, wood has been used to build and create products and furniture. Such as tables, chairs, doors and window frames. There are a lot of companies nowadays that do bespoke joinery. 

Bespoke joiners work with wood but on a much higher quality scale. They know and respect the importance of wood. Bespoke joinery is tailor-made to the customers specific needs. Examples of bespoke products are handcrafted wine cellars, kitchens, walk in wardrobes and spiral stair cases.

The importance of wood. Bespoke wine cellar
Other properties

What other properties does wood have? It’s a relatively good heat insulator. But dry wood does burn quite easily and produces a great deal of heat energy, if you heat it up beyond its ignition temperature (the point at which it catches fire, anywhere from around 200–400°C, 400–750°F), wooden objects can also be designed to transmit and amplify sounds—that’s how musical instruments work.

Top 5 common uses of wood

  • Home construction – The use of wood for home construction has been popular for many many years. fabricating builidings, window frames, doors and flooring.
  • Creating art – Also for a long time people have used wood for sculptures, carvings and decorative items. You may also notice pictures frames and colour palettes are made out of wood. The best wood to use for this is pine wood.
  • Fuel –  Our world needs energy, and the source of energy is fuel. Before gas, wood was used for fuel and still is used to this day. People use wood to fuel their log burners to warm the house up. More modern houses use gas.
  •  Instruments – Most musical instrukents are made out of wood. Such as pianos, guitars, violins, cellos and many more. The reason for this is because it creates the perfect tune.
  • Stationery – Many stationary items that are used in schools are made out of wood. Such as pencils, rulers, paper and many more.
Now you know what wood is. And the importance of wood. Also as you can see, wood has been used for many millenia and we’re surrounded by it. Hopefully we will be able to use it for just as long. Granted that we do not destroy all of the trees.
bespoke wine cellar, black oak

Wine cellars and wine rooms

Wine Cellars and Wine Rooms

We’re a local company based in the heart of Yorkshire, who are professionals in handmade bespoke wine cellars and wine rooms. Tailor-made to suit your property. And also offering climate control solutions. So your wine doesn’t just look good stocked up, but also keeps the delicious flavour. 

We’ve worked with wood for over 13 years. We started off as Watkinson Joinery LTD, specialist cabinet makers. Creating kitchens, bedrooms, stairs and even custom furniture. But have since then also started trading as ‘Wine Cellars of Yorkshire’ primarily focusing on being the biggest wine cellar company in the U.K and even venturing out overseas in the future.

wine room with door closed, contact us
Bespoke solid oak wine room made in York, North Yorkshire.

Create the perfect wine cellar

Within your bespoke wine cellar you have got the option of choosing what style racking your prefer. What material of wood you require and the size of measurements for the storage compartments you’re after. If you prefer spending as little time as you can seeking out your next bottle. You may want to consider racking and shelving specifically designed to show the front label. So finding it won’t ever be a hassle again! 

  • We can design, manufacture and install your new wine cellar
  • Available for private homes and commecial use, i.e. restaurants and bars
  • We can create your wine room or wine cellar with a range of different racking styles
choosing the right wine racking

Bespoke cross-boxes

Or if you want more of a stylish approach, our cross-box storage units have never failed to disappoint. Being able to fit at least 60 wine bottles in our cross boxes, you’ll never run out of space again. With the help from our design team. Your needs and requirements can be fulfilled and executed in a quick yet efficient professional manner. 

wine cellars cross boxes
Small wine cellar cross box, full with wine

Meet the boss

Ian Watkinson is the Director of the company and aspires for it to grow and continue to be highly successful. The main aspirations for Ian are to produce a high standard of craftsmanship into the future. And employ local skilled craftsmen and particularly to train apprentices; so there are people to continue the skills long into the future.

We also do work experience with the local school in Thirsk. This is an amazing opportunity for the younger generation to get involved with cabinetry and joinery at a young age. 

As of now, we have got one joiner apprentice and one digital marketing apprentice. After they have completed their apprenticeships, they will carry on working for Ian, taking care of the business and making it grow more and more in the years to come.

Ian Watkinson About us, boss
Ian Watkinson , Director of Watkinson Joinery LTD and Wine Cellars of Yorkshire

How to get my own wine cellar?

If your interested in getting your own wine cellar or wine room designed and installed, please get in contact with Wine Cellars of Yorkshire today.
Wine cellars and wine rooms are an excellent way to store wine in a neat and appropriate way.

We’ll be happy to help. Email us at admin@winecellarsofyorkshire.co.uk or feel free to talk to our team over the phone on 01845 577991.

wine cellars vs wine rooms
Your perfect wine room with wine cellars of yorkshire

Getting your perfect wine cellar

Storing wine in the best conditions is vital if your looking to drink and enjoy your collection. Or if you wish to sell and recoup later on down the line. Either way, you don’t want to spoil it. Storing it at the right temperature and on a suitable racking system are the two most important factors to think about when getting your perfect wine cellar. Don’t forget the humidity and lighting plays an important role. Wine Cellars of Yorkshire give you their expertise in temperature, lighting and design. Therefore you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Wine Cellars of Yorkshire provide a huge variety of different racking options that are suitable for different collections, preferences and budgets. Our bespoke wine cellar options can be tailor-made to suit your preferences and budgets too. So don’t feel like getting your perfect wine cellar is out of reach.

Your perfect wine cellar. Wine cellars of yorkshire

We can design, build and install your perfect wine cellar! Wine Cellars of Yorkshire will produce a 3D drawing of your wine cellar or wine room, so you know exactly how it will look before it’s in place. Therefore you can start to think about the order your’re going to be storing your wine. Whether it be by the colour, grape or even the origin of the wine.

What information you need to provide!

  • Measurements of the room / space
  • Images come in very handy so we get a feel for the place
  • Location in the country
  • Any desired input you would like to add
  • Access to the room

your perfect wine cellar. Wine Cellars of Yorkshire

Getting your perfect wine cellar tailored to suit your property.

We can provide a range of sizes when it comes to wine cellars and wine rooms. Whether you need over a hundred or a thousand bottles of wine to be stored. In conclusion Wine Cellars of Yorkshire adapt to any environment. We’re able to provide under-stairs wine rooms and even underground cellars. Wherever you want your wine to be stored, we sure can provide professional solutions to get what you want.

Getting your perfect wine cellar, designed and installed

Need some more tempting?

Take a look for yourself at our variety of racking systems and our diverse approach, towards maintaining a beautiful bespoke wine cellar that not only looks good, but looks after your wine too!


Check out this article the Yorkshire Post wrote about us by clicking here:

Why not get in touch with us today and find out more information on how you can get your perfect wine cellar!

 Either call us on 01845 577991 or email us at admin@winecellarsofyorkshire.co.uk

How To Store Wine Properly In A Cellar

How To Store Wine

How to store wine the right way

Do you know how to store wine? Unless you’re fortunate enough to own a house that was built in the 1800s or early 1900s. With its basement or wine cellar already there, you’re going to have to build your own storage environment to house your wine collection. Where was wine stored in the past? In deep, dark caves or in deep, dark wine cellars. There are good reasons for this. Wine hates light, motion and heat. While storing wine on top of your fridge is convenient, it’s seriously the worst thing you can do to a poor, innocent bottle of wine. The ideal requirements for wine storage is cool, dark, still, and sideways

how to store your wine

Choosing the right storage for your wine

If you’re like the majority of people, you don’t know a whole lot about wine. Well good news to you, this wine blog will be sure to help you out. So you know you enjoy the odd glass of it, but you tend to just buy it when you’re ready to drink it. Storing wine, whether for the short or long term, never enters your thought processes. 

You may, however, find yourself getting more interested in keeping wine on hand. It’s better than having to run out to the wine shop every time the urge for a glass hits you. You may also be thinking about wine as an investment strategy, and this means holding wine in storage.

how to store wine crosshatch storage


Optimal wine storage is right around 55 F, excessive heat will wreak havoc on a bottle of wine. You also want to shoot for consistent temperatures, as dramatic temperature fluctuations will also give a negative impact on a  stored bottle of wine. Humidity is another factor to keep in mind when storing wine. A higher humidity level helps to keep corks from shrinking and allowing oxygen in, resulting in the dreaded oxidation of the wine. Ideal humidity is mostly between 65 to 75%.


Most colored glass bottles of wine have UV filters incorporated into the bottle glass, but this does not necessarily offer full UV protection. If a wine is in direct light consistently, it will affect the flavor of the wine significantly, a result of premature aging. Typically, white wines are the most sensitive to light degradation, but reds will also lose if they are subjected to excessive light.


For some peculiar reason, the top of the fridge seems to be one of the most favorite places that people naturally tend to keep their wine. Maybe, it’s the convenience of it, maybe it’s that the cute wrought iron wine racks fit well there – but either way this is one of the worst places to keep wine. First of all, there’s the heat and the direct light. Then there’s the risk of losing bottles out of the rack every time the fridge is opened and closed, but there’s also the vibration from the fridge itself. The constant vibration of the refrigerator or other major appliances in close proximity just agitates the wine and can keep the sediment from settling in red wine. Constant or consistent vibration will wreck a wine and you don’t want that to happen.


By intentionally storing wine on its side, you will help keep the cork in continuous contact with the wine. This will keep the cork moist, which in result should keep the cork from shrinking and allowing the enemy of wine, oxygen, to seep into the bottle. When oxygen comes into contact with wine the result is not good – the wine starts to oxidize and the aromas, flavors, and color all begin to spoil. 

Wine wall racking