Secret Wine Industry Trends For 2020

Secret Wine Industry trends for 2020

Secret Wine Industry Trends For 2020What Can We Expect?

What does the following year hold for wine consumers and producers? Find out with these secret wine industry trends for 2020…

What do wine consumers care about?

Branding, customer service and quality play a big role in driving a consumer to buy a wine

Customer experience along with brand identity and presentation will continue to drive innovation in the wine industry for 2020. Brands are now focusing primarily on the detail and uniqueness of their packaging, to stand out from their competitors.

Is the wine industry growing?

Global consumption of wine to decline in 2020

Although it is predicted that by 2022, the volume of wine sold will rise to 281 million cases. It’s also predicited that consumers will be pursuing higher quality wines, instead of price point wines.

What countries will consume the most wine?
Low profile wine countries are predicted to become more popular in 2020

At the moment, the most established wine countries are in Europe. With France in front with the highest per capita consumption and Italy being the top net exporter.  However, you can expect to see the likes of Germany, South Africa, Portugal and Greece to become more popular as their pricepoints tend to be more competitive for quality wines

What will be the most popular wine in 2020?
The rise of Sherry!

The owner of Friday Saturday Sunday, Chad Williams, predicts that sherry will grow in popularity following the Amari Trend. Sherry bridges the gap between wine and spirits. It’s a higher alcohol and a dry-style dessert wine that a lot of consumers don’t know about.

For 2020, this remarkably affordable fortified wine  is beginning to see a rise in popularity and perhaps we’ll see this under-rated option return to an upward trend.

In conclusion...

Hopefully these secret wine industry trends for 2020 will give you an insight on what to expect to happen this year. The wine industry will also be faced with emerging topics. As well as current events and increasing awareness on cultural areas of interest. Topics like health and lifestyle, environment and global warming, and of course food and drink, all directly affect the wine industry.

Secret Wine Industry trends for 2020

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