The importance of wood

The importance of wood & What is it?

The importance of wood is the fact it can last for hundreds and thousands of years. It’s also reliable and durable. 
I’ts a commonly known fact that wood comes from the trees. What may not be well known is the structure of the wood itself. And also all of the individual components that make up any given piece of timber. Wood is an organic material and has many distinct characteristics.

The importance of wood

Hardwoods & Softwoods

Wood is divided into two different groups. Hardwoods and softwoods. You may think it’s about how hard or soft the wood is. But it doesnt always refer to that:

  • Hardwoods are typically from dicot trees. Those that drop their leaves each fall. Examples of these are oak, mahogony, maple, wulnut and ash.
  • Softwoods come from evergreen trees. They have needles and cones and keep them all year round. Examples of these include redwood, spruce, cedar and cypress. 

Environmentally friendly

Wood was one of the first natural materials people learned to use, and it’s never lost its popularity. These days, it’s particularly prized for being a natural and environmentally friendly product. Logging can be hugely environmentally damaging, whether it involves clearcutting a tropical rainforest or selectively felling mature trees in old-growth temperate woodland.

 Many of the chemicals and proccesses involved in forestry and woodwork can be environmentally damaging. chlorine, used to bleach wood fibers to make paper, can cause water pollution in rivers, for example. But on the happy side, growing trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. And planting more of them is one way to reduce the effects of climate change.

wood is environmentally friendly
Wooden furniture and products

For years and years, wood has been used to build and create products and furniture. Such as tables, chairs, doors and window frames. There are a lot of companies nowadays that do bespoke joinery. 

Bespoke joiners work with wood but on a much higher quality scale. They know and respect the importance of wood. Bespoke joinery is tailor-made to the customers specific needs. Examples of bespoke products are handcrafted wine cellars, kitchens, walk in wardrobes and spiral stair cases.

The importance of wood. Bespoke wine cellar
Other properties

What other properties does wood have? It’s a relatively good heat insulator. But dry wood does burn quite easily and produces a great deal of heat energy, if you heat it up beyond its ignition temperature (the point at which it catches fire, anywhere from around 200–400°C, 400–750°F), wooden objects can also be designed to transmit and amplify sounds—that’s how musical instruments work.

Top 5 common uses of wood

  • Home construction – The use of wood for home construction has been popular for many many years. fabricating builidings, window frames, doors and flooring.
  • Creating art – Also for a long time people have used wood for sculptures, carvings and decorative items. You may also notice pictures frames and colour palettes are made out of wood. The best wood to use for this is pine wood.
  • Fuel –  Our world needs energy, and the source of energy is fuel. Before gas, wood was used for fuel and still is used to this day. People use wood to fuel their log burners to warm the house up. More modern houses use gas.
  •  Instruments – Most musical instrukents are made out of wood. Such as pianos, guitars, violins, cellos and many more. The reason for this is because it creates the perfect tune.
  • Stationery – Many stationary items that are used in schools are made out of wood. Such as pencils, rulers, paper and many more.
Now you know what wood is. And the importance of wood. Also as you can see, wood has been used for many millenia and we’re surrounded by it. Hopefully we will be able to use it for just as long. Granted that we do not destroy all of the trees.

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