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Finding the right wine racking for your wine can sometimes be a tricky one. Especially with so many different factors to keep in mind. Like what materials you would require? What style you would like it in? And of course, how big or small do you need it? To make this a whole lot easier for you, we have put together a guide on choosing the right wine racking. 
Wine racks are often looked upon as a traditional way to store wine. More commonly used for those who have a couple bottles lying about to be drunk. Storing wine horizontally ensures that the cork stays wet inside the bottle, preventing it from crumbling. While many wine lovers around the globe would love and appreciate a bespoke wine cellar. It’s just not an affordable option for the average home. Therefore, our bespoke wine racks make an unbelievable alternative. With small racks for below or above counter tops, or bigger racks designed for a dining room or wine bar.

Why should you pick a wooden rack?

Wooden wine racks are often seen as more reliable, sturdy and more durable for wine storage. A vast variety of designs, layouts and styles can be found when looking for wine racks. Oak tends to be a more popular choice, as it gives of a supreme and delicate feel to your collection. Wooden racks are more suitable for at home, providing a cost-effective way to store your wine in a safe and glamourous way. Unlike cellars and wine rooms, if for any reason you need to move your wine rack to another room or perhaps even another house. It’s now easier than ever. Apart from the odd dusting and double checking everything is tight, you can move your wine anywhere.

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How to choose the right wine racking?

The biggest question you need to ask yourself when thinking of buying a wine rack is how many bottles you will be likely to store at a time. If you only drink occasionally and don’t have a big collection. Getting one that stores 10 to 15 bottles may be more suitable for you. Giving you ample room for any other bottles you require at Christmas or birthdays. For the real serious wine connoisseurs, consider a racking that stores up to 90 bottles of wine. Here at Wine Cellars of Yorkshire we’d be more than happy to come back to you and upgrade your wine rack storage.

Where should you keep the wine rack?

Next, think about the location the wine rack will go – bear in mind the size of the racking will have an impact on where you will be able to store it. To properly store wine, many factors need to be considered, such as light levels, temperature, and disturbance. To ensure that the wine is given the best treatment possible, try and pick a spot that is out of direct sunlight, and doesn’t get too hot. A room that isn’t used all the time, such as a dining room, can be a good bet, as it is less likely to have people walking through and ‘disturbing’ the wine.

What colour should my wine rack be?

Once you have chosen the room you will be installing your wine rack in; then you can decide what colour wine rack to buy. Think about the colours of any wooden items currently in the room such as chairs, tables, or even the door, and consider which colour would best suit or complement these shades.


If you’d like to stray from the traditional wine rack, or you have a more compact space to work with, then opting for a wine storage cube can be a great alternative. They are essentially a cube, with a diagonal cross within, connecting each corner, to create four sections. Cubes can be especially useful if you tend to buy your wine by the case, as you may not need to check the label of each to identify it, so they can all be stored in one unit. 

wine box cube. the right wineracking

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