Wine Storage Solutions For 2020

Wine Storage Solutions For 2020

Storage solutions for wine is important if you want to keep your wines in pristine condition. For wine to not deteriorate it needs good lighting, heating and no movement. Keep on reading to find out what storage solutions you could use next time you find yourself with too many wine bottles

5. Wine Wall

Wine Walls are perfect along a wall or under a staircase if space is available. Your wine collection is unique to you, and so is your interior style. Wine walls are essentially a wall of wine bottles, displayed behind framed or frameless glass, that can be a stunning addition to any room. They can be climate controlled and utilize backlighting to add to the beauty of the wine display.

wine wall, in storage solutions

4. Wine Racks

Wine racks are a beautiful and effective way to store your wine. From small six bottle holders to a commercial size racking unit for a boutique hotel. Wine racks have increased in popularity among the wine consumers and, therefore wine racks manufacturers have come up with more daring and innovative designs, shapes and functionality of these furniture pieces. Wine racks are designed to facilitate proper orientation of wine bottles. Bottles should be laid at an angle to keep the cork in constant contact with the wine. This ensures that the cork will remain moist at all times and prevent it from drying out. Wine racks are made from various materials such as wood stone and metal.

Wine Racking
3. Wine Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases are stylish, practical and save a LOT of space. Imagine walking to your kitchen, looking down at the floor and opening a door to go down to your spiral staircase. Your wine filled around the side and you can take your next bottle of wine with ease.

Spiral staircase
2. Wine Room

Another beautiful way to compliment your wine is by getting a bespoke wine room installed. The great thing about them is the fact they can be tailor-made to suit your property. Such as the colour,  materials, wood and even the glass. 

Wine Room
1. Wine Cellar

 Although a bespoke wine cellar would originally be viewed as a luxury add-on for the rich. They’re increasingly becoming more popular for ordinary house owners. You don’t have to buy an old house with a cellar if you want a place to store your wine. Wine cellars can come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most chosen style cellar would be a bespoke handmade wooden wine cellar. Not only can you show off your awesome collection of wine but they can be installed with an air coolant system. Providing the correct temperature for storing your wine.

Wine Cellar Storage Solutions For 2020
Which wine storage solution will you choose?

Whatever wine storage solution you pick. Remember to take into consideration the three important factors that can affect the overall condition of your wines. The storage environment should have minimal light exposure and climate conditions should remain stable.

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